Do It Yourself (DIY) Asbestos Testing Samples

Minimum Charge – $110    (includes first two samples)
$55 per sample for every additional sample after that


You can take the samples you need and post them to Safe and Sound Asbestos.
Mail to 42 Obrien’s Lane, Templestowe, Victoria 3106
We will return a NATA certified report via email

* For ASAP testing results in 48 hours add 25% to prices.
* Note: There is no such thing as an Asbestos Testing Kit.

Taking an  Asbestos Sample

Safe and Sound Asbestos testing Melbourne sample

Safety Equipment used for taking asbestos samples

  1. Disposable plastic overalls
  2. Certified P2 asbestos mask (don’t use a regular dust mask)
  3. Safety boots covered at top by overalls
  4. Disposable Rubber gloves

 Tools required for  taking asbestos samples

  • Spray water bottle
  • Chisel/Scraper/Large Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Duct Tape
  • Snap Lock bags (at least 2 per sample)
  • Strong post bag

Correct method for taking an asbestos sample

  • Put on your overalls covering your boots
  • Put on your mask and gloves
  • Keep area wet using spray bottle mixed with detergent
  • Pry off sample about the size of a 5 cent peice
  • Place sample in snap lock inner bag and seal with Duct Tape
  • Mark on bag where the samples where taken from
  • Place inner bag in second Snap lock bag and seal
  • Place taped sealed bag in strong post bag
  • Complete Safe and Sound testing submission form
  • Mail to 42 Obrien’s Lane, Templestowe, Victoria 3106 or drop in locked mailbox.
  • Include return Email address and payment

Call us anytime to book a home visit or to discuss your situation – Phone 0498 704 255 or Email