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Safe Handling

Government Information on Safe HandlingAsbestos_Warning_2



Asbestos in Victoria:


Asbestos Health Booklet:

The Australian Government has produced an independent health booklet that will allow you to understand more about Asbestos management.
‘Asbestos—A guide for householders and the general public’
*All rights are reserved for this publication by the Australian Government

Where Asbestos Hides

Asbestos in a Domestic Property


  1. Asbestos cement Water tank
  2. Pipe lagging
  3. Some insulation products
  4. Textured decorative coating e.g. artex
  5. AIB ceiling tiles
  6. AIB bath panel
  7. Toilet seat and cistern
  8. AIB behind fuse box
  9. AIB airing cupboard and/or sprayed insulation
  10. Wet areas bathroom, laundry ,kitchen
  11. AIB partition wall
  12. AIB interior window panel
  13. AIB around HWS
  14. Vinyl floor tiles and glue under
  15. AIB behind fire


  1. Gutters and Asbestos cement downpipes
  2. Soffits – AIB or asbestos cement
  3. AIB exterior window panel
  4. Asbestos cement roof
  5. Asbestos cement wall panels
  6. Eaves and gable ends

Asbestos in an Industrial Property


  1. Sprayed coatings on ceilings, walls, beams and columns
  2. Asbestos cement water tank
  3. Some insulation products
  4. Lagging on boilers and pipes
  5. AIB ceiling tiles
  6. Toilet seat and cistern
  7. AIB partition walls
  8. AIB panels in fire doors
  9. Asbestos rope seals, gaskets and paper
  10. Vinyl floor tiles and glue under
  11. AIB around HWS
  12. Textiles e.g. fire blankets
  13. Textured decorating coatings on walls and ceilings


  1. Asbestos cement roof
  2. Asbestos cement panels
  3. Asbestos cement gutters and downpipes
  4. Soffits – AIB or asbestos cement
  5. Asbestos cement flue

AIB = Asbestos Insulating Board