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Commercial Compliance Work

Need an Asbestos Audit and Management Plan?

Have you been visited by WorkSafe?
Does your Insurance company want an Asbestos Audit?
Doing renovations or rebuilding a premises?

All commercial properties built prior to 2003 now require an Asbestos Register and Management Plan.

Units and Apartments.

An Asbestos Register will make you Compliant

An Asbestos Register is a document that identifies the presence of asbestos, the danger, the position of the material in your property and safe handling instructions. WorkSafe, Tradesman, Property purchasers and Insurance companies will now require an Asbestos Register.

We can produce a Asbestos Register for homes or small business starting from $495 in Metro Melbourne including:

  • Inspection in The Melbourne Metro area
  • Extracting samples in identified areas
  • NATA testing of samples
  • Asbestos Register including:
    • A 16 page written report
    • Identification and photographs of any affected areas
    • A risk management plan to deal with affected areas
    • Clearance certificates after a contractor has removed asbestos

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